I have always had a passion for flying ever since my uncle had taken me for a ride when I was 10 years old.  I have spent many years flying myself and friends from place to place and  looking at the beautiful sky and  the landscape from above.  I have had many opportunities taking photos for the local newspaper and one day A Different Perspective Aerial services came to be.  A Different Perspective Aerial services has been providing customers with quality photos and accessories for over 10 years, in addition we have conducted several Prayer Flight missions with my local church.

Through my flying I have met a lot of people and the one person I met (little did I know) would help me to provide an additional service to my business.  One day he came to me and said, "I am saddened the man I have been neighbors with for years has passed away and his wish (because he worked for an aircraft company) was to have his ashes released from an airplane and be free as the wind."  When asked if I could do this for him I accepted to help and was honored to have been part in fulfilling his wish.  Through the years I performed several scattering ceremonies and have held everyone close to my heart, providing a service with honor, dignity and trust.

  A Different Perspective AERIAL  SERVICES

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