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  • How do I get the cremains to you? At ADP aerial services we will help you every step of the way.  We can pick the cremains up at a place you feel comfortable with or you can ship them to us via USPS check USPS.COM FOR DOMESTIC SHIPPING DETAILS ON CODE 10B.
  • Will the cremains I send you be scattered with another ceremony?  NO . Under no circumstances do we conduct 2 or more ceremonies at the same time, each scattering is taken to heart and done separate with privacy, dignity, and respect for your loved one.
  • Can you save a small portion of cremains for me? YES . We can save any amount that you wish and if you choose to have the cremains in a heart shaped locket, shipped back in your container or use them to make a LIFE GEM stone to put in a piece of jewelry we can help for more info on LIFE GEM visit LIFEGEM.COM for details.
  • Do you offer discounts? YES. We offer a 10% discount to seniors, armed forces, law enforcement and firefighters.
  • Can I have a photo and coordinates of the scattering area? YES . In addition to a photo and coordinates we also offer flower petal drop, prayer and play hymns or music as we scatter.
  • When does the scattering take place after I give you the cremains? We at ADP Aerial Services value our customers and know that it is a sensitive time.  That is why you decide on the time and day and we will accommodate AT NO EXTRA COST TO YOU (providing weather is not an issue and FAA restrictions are not in effect)
  • What is the cost? Our prices on ash scattering start at $400 this package includes pick up of cremains, aerial scattering ceremony, photo, and flower pedal drop on a day that you choose within a 100 mile radius of 07461.
  • Can I view the scattering from the ground? YES.  However, wind will sometimes make it difficult to see the cremains from the ground as we have to abide by FAA regulations on the altitude that we have to fly.  We will call or text you when we are near so you will see our aircraft as we fly slow across the ground circle and when the scattering is complete we will fly westerly.
  • Do you scatter pet cremains?  YES.