• Oblique aerial
  • Wallet size through 24x36
  • Digital transfer
  • Digital photo frames to show various views
  • Calendars with aerial photo
  • T-shirts , sweatshirts and mugs
  • Business promotion items
  • Year round service
  • Solar roof panel aerial photos


  • Pick up of your loved ones ashes
  • Private scattering when you wish
  • Aerial photo in memory of
  • Certificate of location
  • Flower petal drop
  • LIFE GEM STONE made from your loved ones ashes
  • Return of urns and small portions of ashes via USPS
  • Prayer and or music when scattering
  • Video clip of flight

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From business to mini malls your aerial photo can be a keepsake and help with advertising or real estate sale.

Need to plan on where to install solar roof panels  or see them when the project is complete, our solar panel photo package starts at under $500.

Holding a special event or being artistic in the field and want to promote your idea, let ADP Aerial Services help we offer digital transfer, cd, and many promotional items at affordable costs.

Doing a construction job let ADP Aerial Services photograph your building stages. We offer package deals so you can show your progress and still meet the budget.

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